How Do I Sign Up

Know how to get connected with iBUSSYNC Wifi

Are you in the iBUSSYNC Wi-Fi Zone? Signing Up is easy!

-Turn-On Wifi
-Select iBUSSYNC
-Go -> We will onboard you along the way!

More details:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi Service on your Laptop / Smartphone or any Wireless Device.
  • Check if you are able to find the Wi-Fi Service available to you as iBUSSYNC.
  • Select iBUSSYNC
  • Open an internet browser and navigate to a HTTP site and you will be redirected to the iBUSSYNC portal page.In case you are not redirected automatically, please navigate to
    In case you are browsing a HTTPS site like YouTube, you will not be automatically redirected to the iBUSSYNC portal page and need to do manually to be able to register into our system by navigating to the above link.

    If you are a first time user and would like to trial our service, choose “Free Trial Access” for 15 minutes. You will be allowed access to the internet after verifying your validity with an OTP at nominal speeds.

Important Note* - - Android’s stock browser and Apple’s light weight browser don’t support all functionality required for registering with iBUSSYNC Wi-Fi service. Please use a full-fledged browser like Firefox, IE or Chrome to start browsing the internet after connecting to iBUSSYNC Wi-Fi.

To get access to our full service -

  • After this, you are required to choose and buy a Wi-Fi plan that suits you. (Click on ‘Purchase iBUSSYNC Wi-Fi Plans here’).
  • Choose a plan that suits you (Select a plan and choose Next).
  • You will be redirected to a PCI secure payment gateway that will allow debit cards, credit cards and net banking option to complete your purchase.
  • On successful payment transaction, you will be logged into iBUSSYNC Wi-Fi network.

Important Note*- Please keep this tab open to help you logout of the session, browse plans or see accounting information(Please check FAQ point C under ‘Using Wi-Fi’ for details).

If you are a returning user –

We will seamlessly log you in if you have a valid plan.You should be able to connect to iBUSSYNC and start a browsing session immediately.

If your plan has expired, you will be automatically redirected to the iBUSSYNC portal page in case you are attempting to browse a HTTP site.In case you are not redirected automatically please navigate to

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